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People Skills for Effective Leaders

Leader Effectiveness Training in England and Wales

Leader Effectiveness Training (L.E.T.) teaches leaders and managers a practical, complete system of people skills involving communication, problem solving and conflict resolution. It is structured within an easy to use framework, which identifies where each skill should be used. It is a unique methodology that requires no analysis of personality to work but is entirely situation dependent.

In less than 24 hours of intensive training

Your leaders and managers will learn skills that:

  • Improve their relationships with staff
  • Enable people to become more productive
  • Reduce conflict and stress in the workplace

The skills training for successful leaders and managers

Unlike other training courses for leaders the LET workshop focuses on teaching a comprehensive set of practical communication skills that can be put to use immediately. It also provides a unique tool (The Behaviour Window™) that identifies which skill is appropriate for each situation and areas where conflict can be reduced.

Established, proven methodology used worldwide

This intensive three day workshop has been delivered to thousands of managers in successful organisations throughout the World for over 40 years.