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The Leader Effectiveness Training Workshop

The L.E.T. workshop is an intensive 3 day course designed to teach leaders and managers the essential skills they need to be more effective in their roles.

L.E.T. provides a unique framework, the Behaviour Window™,  that allows leaders and managers to identify which of the skills is appropriate for the situation and to determine when and where to use them.

L.E.T. addresses the practical skills that leaders and managers need to become more effective in their roles. It challenges participants’ current behaviour and assumptions to help them recognise their own bad habits. This enables them to learn what to do instead and to avoid repeating the mistakes.

L.E.T. provides a practical and powerful set of tools: active listening, I Messages, gear shifting and method III conflict resolution. The consistent and appropriate use of these is extremely effective in building trust and many clients use L.E.T. as the basis for team development programmes. It is especially good in organisations where lack of trust has become a major stumbling block.

L.E.T. teaches participants to distinguish between needs and solutions in interpersonal conflict. One obstacle to seeing a constructive end point is a tendency for people to become stuck on their favourite solution. Method III helps participants overcome this obstacle.

L.E.T. stresses clarity in communications. Before making assumptions, jumping to conclusions, dismissing another’s point of view, or using power inappropriately, L.E.T. encourages people to get the facts first, by listening, where the other person is signalling that they have a problem.

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